Dating Social Escorts In Singapore – Your Complete Guide

If you are wanting to meet social escorts for the first time in Singapore, or are simply wondering how to go about doing it, then you are at the right place!

With this post, you will never need to refer anywhere else again to know how to meet a social escort.

The complete guide to dating a social escort in Singapore.

We are assuming that you have the following wishes and criteria as well for your social escort:

  • The escort you meet must look like her photographs.
  • Your communications to the Singapore escort agency must be kept private and discreet.

With that said, let us move onto the steps that you should take to booking a female escort in SG.

Step 1: Think about the type of social escort (looks wise) you want!

Most people go out and look at the marketplace first. Wrong! When it comes to social escorts, it is something that is very subjective. What is attractive to another person may not be the slightest bit attractive to you and vice versa. There are clients who prefer thicker girls, while many clients prefer slimmer escorts.

Think about what you want first. This is not a project, so you obviously do not need to write down your preferences, but just keep your thoughts clear. Most people already know the type of girls that they like. You just need to keep that clear in your mind while you look for a social escort in Singapore.

Step 2: Search online for escorts!

Singapore’s escort agencies, websites, directories and independent escorts are all found online. There are virtually no locations where you can walk into and find your selection of social escort available. There is no such thing in Singapore due to the inefficiency and the loss of your privacy when you walk in and potentially bump into other people you may know.

Simply Googling for something like ‘Singapore escort‘ or ‘Singapore social escort‘ should be able to yield you quite a number of results.

Shortlist a number of Singapore social escort agencies which has girls you like.

Step 3: Not every escort agency is still operational, check if they are live first.

Now, this is a very simple step, all you do is to simply WhatsApp them a ‘hi’, and see if they respond back. If they do, move on to step 4. If not, scrap their number.

Step 4: Provide them with your details first.

Escort agencies in Singapore and otherwise are notorious for rejecting or blocking time wasters due to the large amount of time wasters and pranksters in the industry.

If you want to set yourself apart as a genuine client and be provided good service, provide them with your details without them asking for it.

Usually, details will require:

  • Your last name.
  • Race or ethnicity.
  • Nationality.
  • Age.
  • Meeting location.
  • Date and time.

Sometimes, further details may be required:

  • Your preferred escort girls.
  • Your work reference.
  • Your room number if meeting in a hotel / if you are a foreigner.
  • Your unit number if your home.
  • Some kind of deposit / pre-payment if they are unable to verify any of your details.

Most escort agencies also frown on withheld/private numbers, so just use your mobile number. There should not be any issues in Singapore.

Do note escort agencies in Singapore do verify your details, so be upfront if you want good and fast service to meet your girl quickly.

Some Singapore escort agencies prefer calls while others prefer WhatsApp/messaging. It is usually safer to message first, and only call if they do not respond.

Also, advance bookings or first time clients are usually required to place a prior deposit or a pre-payment of sorts to prevent time wasters.

Step 5: Get advised on which social escort is available

If you followed step 4, most agencies or websites will advise you on the availability of their best girls. Unless you are dealing with independents or an agency has bad reviews, you should be able to trust their recommendations as long as you do a simple Google search for the agency reviews beforehand. This is because agencies have absolutely no incentive to recommend you a bad reviewed girl if they got lots of other girls to send to you.

Step 6: Pick one of the escorts available

This is one of the easiest step. You just pick one of them!

Here are some random tips you may find helpful when looking for a Singapore social escort:

  • While prostitution is legal in Singapore, do not try to solicit prostitution from an escort – and especially not in public!

    Public includes the Internet… and yes, messaging, SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp included. This is illegal in Singapore! Do not attempt to do it! If you want sexual services, there may be legal brothels in certain red light districts of Singapore.

  • Singapore’s legal age for dating agency or app services is 18.

    All escorts are legally required to be aged 18 and above. Likewise, you must be aged 18 and above to meet a Singaporean escort.

  • Avoid foreigner escorts.

    Most foreign escorts are working in Singapore illegally on tourist or a completely different work pass. If you engage them and they get busted by the police, you can rest assured that the police may dig through their phone communications and bust you as well if you have been found to engage in illegal activities!

  • Engaging an escort agency which is not registered with the local government is often a crime in Singapore.

    This is because a non-registered escort agency is a non-legal entity, and is often also evading taxes which is illegal. Unfortunately for you as a client, if you engage them, you will potentially get into criminal problems as well as the agency’s communications will be looked through in-depth. Avoid all these problems by only engaging social escort agencies which are legal and registered in Singapore. Go to and in the ‘search for business entity (enter UEN or entity name)’ search bar segment, type in the company registration number of brand name. Most legal companies will definitely list their registration publicly on their very own website. Make sure that there is a record in the government website before proceeding to contact the agency.

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