Dating In Singapore With No Strings Attached – Your Best Options

With more men in Singapore being more career focused, marrying later, and being busier generally, the demand for no strings attached type of relationships has increased in Singapore. If you find yourself being one of these men, there are some options for you!


An age old solution for wealthy men looking for a no strings attached relationship, true escorts in Singapore are for those with deep pockets. As a result, you are also most likely going to get the most beautiful girls in Singapore with this option.

There are cheaper escorts, but they are usually for those odd job labourers.

Advantages of finding a social escort

  • They say men are superficial. Looks wise, premium social escorts usually look the best when it comes to appearances. If you are particular about looks, social escorts in Singapore are your best choice compared to the other options listed below. Here are some tips to help you find the best social escort in Singapore.
  • Among the various listed options in this article, social escorts in Singapore are the least frills one. There is no need for long chatting periods chatting up girls online – whose accounts you are not even sure if are still active. You simply contact a great social escort agency and then meet the SG girl. It is really that simple.
  • It is truly no strings attached. No girls work as a social escort hoping to marry the client. In fact, they do not even wish to keep in contact after the date. It is truly no strings attached.

Disadvantages of finding a social escort

  • If you desire something longer term, then social escorts are perhaps not your best choice. These girls work as escorts because they do not want strings attached. Not even a monthly commitment. However, if you are polite, nice and truly generous, you can rest assured that the girl will be willing to meet you more than once.
  • You may not be able to text the girl. For those who love chatting online or over the phone, even for independents, they have no interest in texting you whatsoever. They are companionship service providers, and once the time is up, the time is up.

Sugar baby and sugar daddy websites

One of the most popular sites of its kind in Singapore, Seeking Arrangement, allows rich men to meet beautiful women. It is founded on the premise of brokering relationships which are financial in nature. While it is not necessarily no strings attached, many are.

Pros of sugar babies

  • While there are some girls on such websites who are looking for a long term romantic relationship, most sugar babies also have the intention of only entering no strings attached relationships. This means that your goals are pretty much in line.
  • You dictate the terms of the relationship up front. Therefore, it is very easy to make it a no strings attached relationship right from the start. There will not be any kind of confusion for both parties.
  • Like social escorts, some Singaporean sugar babies are really beautiful!

Cons of sugar babies

  • At the end of the day, such sugar dating websites are not like an escort agency. This means that the quality of the girls you find on it are still to be largely qualified by you. While it attempts to attract only beautiful women, there is bound to be some less than beautiful women on it.
  • It can cost you a lot of money – depending on the individual girls.
  • It can be potentially a monthly financial commitment for you. Since most sugar babies only want monthly allowances, chances of you escaping a fixed monthly financial commitment are low if you want the high quality sugar babies of Singapore.

Dating websites but with ‘no strings attached’ indicated

Not every dating website has an option for you to pick what you are looking for. In fact, almost all mobile based dating applications in Singapore such as Paktor, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Happn all do not have such an option. Only websites such as OkCupid allow you to pick the type of relationship you are looking for.

Pros of using a dating website

  • It is usually far cheaper than that of escort services or sugar babies.
  • It has less of a social stigma in Singapore.

Cons of using a dating website

  • It can be way less efficient, because those are not what regular dating websites are designed for. Most women in Singapore go on websites such as OkCupid to look for a husband, not just a boyfriend. Therefore, the girls you are targeting on those websites are probably mostly the wrong target.
  • It will take way longer – if it ever works. The reason for this is because when it comes to power skew, you have the most advantage when it comes to booking social escorts. This is followed by sugar dating websites where there are way more women than men. However, women are usually the ones who have the control on ‘normal’ dating websites. You have to swipe right to nearly everyone, and hope at least 1 girl even replies you. After that, you have to convince the girl to actually meet you – tougher done than said!
  • Compared to the quality of appearance and looks of sugar babies and social escorts, the girls on such websites usually have less than ideal appearances.

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