Should You Look For An Escort Or A Sugar Baby In Singapore?

Should you date an escort or a sugar baby if you are looking for a no strings attached relationship in Singapore?

About social escorts

Social escorts exist in Singapore since a long time ago. However, they still remain a very viable option for men looking to date in Singapore with no strings attached. They are basically pretty girlfriends on demand. So without further ado, let us check out some of the advantages and disadvantages if you were to go date social escorts in Singapore.


No commitments

If you want something which is truly no commitment, then social escorts are definitely your best choice. Even no strings attached relationships can get messy over time if one person catches full on feelings for the other but not the other way around. However, when it comes to social escorts, both you and the escort do not have any intention to be with each other for the long term, and not even for longer than the engaged period of time.

Pay per meet

While escorts may sound expensive to some, social escorts are actually relatively cheaper than sugar babies in the long term. This is because social escorts are pay per meet, and therefore, much easier for you to control your budget on them versus sugar babies. Sugar dating usually require fixed monthly financial commitments. Therefore, when you look over the long term, you save far more with dating escorts than sugar babies.

Ready selection of girls

When it comes to social escorts, you get a ready selection of girls. All you need to do is to simply contact a trusted social escort agency. If you want more tips on this, then read my other post on the complete guide to meeting social escorts in Singapore.

On demand

If you want girls on demand, then social escorts are the way to go. While you may need to settle for a girl who is not necessarily your first choice, getting a really hot and beautiful girl at most hours or days in Singapore is definitely possible with a large social escort agency. Unfortunately, this may not be the case with sugar babies, as you will need to message them on sugar dating platforms and hope they see your message on the day itself too… which rarely happens.


However, with those said, social escorts are not perfect, just like dating sugar babies.

Usually, full face is never revealed and girls with full face revealed is 99.999% fake photos

The issue with social escorts is that some of them are models or have wide online social circles. This combined with Singapore’s relatively small population means that they can be easily recognizable sometimes. Therefore, full face is never revealed most of the time. Now, don’t get too excited even if there are websites revealing face pictures, because 99.999% of them are simply fake and easily stolen Googled images or images ripped of foreign Facebook accounts. If you have any friends who have engaged an escort in Singapore after seeing a face photo, only to realize that the escort used fake photos, you will know that it is usually those who send face photos who are using fake images.

Independents tend to use fake photos

When it comes to social escorts, independents working in Singapore are well known to use fake images. However, as long as you avoid independents, you should do fine. However, do note what I wrote about the above point about full face photos as well.

About sugar babies

Sugar babies usually have more commitments and thus strings attached than a true no strings attached social escort relationship. However, there are still some minor good points about sugar babies that will definitely be suitable for some of you!


Here are some of the advantages that you can get when you go for a sugar baby in Singapore.

For people who are less urgent

If you have lots of time, then sugar babies can potentially be a suitable option for you. This is because you can slowly take your time and talk to the various profiles listed on sugar dating websites online in Singapore. However, the main caveat is that this method can be relatively inefficient.

Can be suitable for potential long term relationship

The good news about sugar babies is that some of them may be looking for long term relationships as well. If you are looking potentially for a long term relationship, then sugar dating is the way to go, as social escorts never want to date a client after their work.


However, here are two hefty cons that may outweigh some of the benefits that sugar babies bring you.

Can be a financial commitment monthly

If you are not keen in a monthly payment to a sugar baby, it can be a problem, as most top tier sugar babies only want financial commitment monthly. Perhaps you do not want to spend that kind of money every single month when you are only in Singapore at infrequent intervals. It will be a waste of your time for the months you are not in Singapore!

Or perhaps you are in another relationship and do not want to get found out about your ‘unknown’ monthly expenses to your sugar babies. All these are reasons which can make sugar dating unappealing to some.

No quality controls by an intermediary

When it comes to sugar babies, there is no quality control. This is similar to that of independent escorts or unethical escort agencies using fake photos.

When it comes to sugar babies, they can just sign up on a dating platform and list their profiles. You will then need to sieve through inactive accounts, and talk to the active ones. Among the active ones, because there is no intermediary ensuring that these girls are pretty or of a certain quality standard, it can be truly hit or miss.


At the end of the day, it depends on what criteria is more important to you in a no strings attached relationship. My choice? Social escorts all day!

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