How Can You Get More Clients As An Escort In Singapore?

How can you make more money as a social escort?

If you are working as a social escort in Singapore, you probably want a faster way out than working $7 per hour part time jobs in Singapore.

However, sometimes, it can be difficult knowing how to truly make money as a social escort. You have probably realized that escorts can make a huge difference in their personal earnings too. Some make a lot of money, buying luxury items every month. On the other hand, some barely see any clients. Why is that the case and how do you improve your odds of becoming a successful social escort in Singapore?

Here are some tips for you.

First of all, you want to take better photos!

Men are visual creatures. This is particular true in a superficial service such as social escorts.

It is so important that you invest in a good set of photos if you want to get any clients. This is the case whether you are working as an independent freelance girl or working at a local escort agency.

Photos are absolutely crucial and will make or break everything.

Most established and reputable social escort agencies will be able to advise you rather accurately on the type of images that will work well. Listen to them.

Join an established and registered social escort agency in Singapore and work a job there

Here is a quick way to make more money as a social escort in Singapore. Get a female escort job at a local escort agency.

The reason for this is because most established escort agencies in Singapore will already have an existing customer base. This means that by you successfully joining them, you will be able to instantly tap into their customer base and milk the money from them immediately!

This happens on day 1, instead of day 100.

Have higher availability!

It is so important that you need to sacrifice some personal and social time to work as a social escort.

You can read from various online media interview of people such as Courtesan Cara or in particular, Risqué Rebecca. She has stated that she has had to give up a big part of her social life to succeed. However, with that, she has gained lots of monetary benefits.

Success, has its price. However, I think the allure of financial independence, freedom and success definitely sounds way better than being poor and sociable!

Be able to respond to last minute requests

Unfortunately, you may have realized that most clients are very urgent in the nature of their requests. If you are like a Michelin starred restaurant which requires months ahead advance bookings, you will also have an empty bank account.

It does not work that way. Most clients demand to meet within HOURS or less within the same day. This is the norm, try being an escort in Singapore. You probably already know what I am talking about if you have prior experience.

Stop being picky!

If you pick customers, then chances are, you will make far less money than an escort who does not. This is the same case in any industry.

As long as the customer is willing to pay, be willing to accept. If you have such a mindset, then you will be successful.

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