Why Guys Are Dating Social Escorts Over Girlfriends In Singapore

If you noticed in recent years, many guys in Singapore, both locals and expats are staying single longer, and going for escorts or sugar babies. Instead of dating ‘normally’, they prefer more ephemeral types of  dating such as social escorts. Only when they want to start a family, then more guys will date ‘seriously’.

Perhaps this is all due to the on-demand economy. When you do not really need one yet, you simply ‘rent’ one. That is why more young men in Singapore are renting houses, more men are using Grab and Gojek instead of buying a car, and it is the same when it comes to a girlfriend too. They simply rent one – getting a social escort.

Reasons why men are going for social escorts in Singapore:

More men are getting married later and later.

This could be due to personal choices or financial reasons. As a result of this, in the intermediate stage, men are also getting more responsible and not wanting to randomly date girls to string them along, never to potentially marry them.

Traditional matchmaker and dating agencies for marriage like https://www.fabriquelove.com/ or https://truematchmaking.com/ are also only receiving applications from older and more mature men. This is because Singaporean men are getting married later.

They are less of a hassle for the busy career men.

Many rich men in Singapore are career-focused (hence rich), however, this means that their personal and social life takes a beating. They are minimal, or in many instances, non-existent the more successful a man is. Since they do not have the time to turn to social events to meet people, and many of them are their own boss, they rarely meet girls in a social setting. Therefore, they turn to online alternatives and dating applications.

However, the issue with trying to get a date on Tinder for these men prove to be an issue, as you will need to get matched up with a girl, and chat with her and bring her out. Most girls whom you get matched with are either no longer active on the app or simply want to use the app for ego validation only, and not wanting to date. Since time is already so precious for these men, dating online becomes a complete hassle, and dating offline is nearly impossible. So the best alternative? Escorts.

For even more problems that potentially happen on dating apps, watch the following video by ZULA.

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