Best Henna Designs for You

Love Mehndi designs? Looking for a beautiful henna design for an upcoming event? Great! We have a collection of some of the best Mehndi designs. Take a look!

Rajasthani mehndi designs are very popular among brides, and this is why we bring to you yet another one of Rajasthani designs. This mehndi design incorporates the jali work too. The top of the mehndi ends in a flame motif, which is decorated with small patterns.

The whole hand is covered in mehndi in this bridal design. It uses trumpet patterns, diamond motifs, and semi-circular motifs with checkered or jali work. For a very heavy and filled Mehndi design, this is a perfect recommendation!

This one is a basic bridal mehndi. Yet the patterns are what makes it special. It has used the concepts of common patterns and twisted them to make them look different. Look at the palm, with its striped and shaped leaf design.

This mehndi is beautiful for two main reasons. Number one is that it has a soft yet gorgeous color of red, and number two is the way it has wedding instruments like trumpets, tablas, etc. drawn together with its entire pattern.

Again a mix of Rajasthani and Arabic mehndi, this one has a beautiful work on top too. It has an arched leaf design which is filled with a beautiful floral pattern.

This mehndi essentially concentrates on a floral pattern. It uses the motifs in slightly different shapes, yet is able to pull all of it together. Must say, it is indeed a beautiful design.

A look at how the bridal mehndi finally looks. A soft and subtle reddish hue. This mehndi though has a beautiful pattern, which has the jali work done diagonally and on the other side has a half-flower pattern. These two patterns have been used so expertly.

This mehndi design has abstractly drawn semi-circles, which have filled with a smaller pattern. The crown betel leaf design on the top also is beautifully done and different from the usual pattern!

A bridal design for the feet and the hands. The feet are kept sort of minimal, with a subtle floral pattern, while the hands have a deeper one with semi-circular designs as well.