Elephants Do the Funniest Things

Mart, emotional, creative, and compassionate creatures, we share some fascinating (and silly) elephant safari moments that will leave you loving Africa’s giants even more than you thought was possible.

Elephant gymnastics

A couple of safari lovers recently paid a visit to the Kruger National Park in South Africa and saw a cute baby elephant appear to attempt a headstand on the road. While some say that its strange behavior may have been a threat display towards the ‘intruder’ car, it was most likely that this little Ellie was simply playing around and experimenting with the thousands of muscles in its trunk.

The witnesses did what anyone of us would. They quickly whipped out their camera and took a video. And thank the heavens they did because, after all, elephant gymnastics doesn’t happen every day.

Elephant performance

As many bush stories do, this one took place while guests were enjoying sundowners. They were in the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia, an area known for its abundance of elephants. As the guests watched a herd, one young bull, in particular, was ready to show off his comical nature. After an over-exaggerated mock charge towards the group’s boat whilst floating up the Chongwe River, the elephant, nicknamed Oscar, got down to the business of showing the water nearby who was boss.