Free Spins Casino

How to get the most benefits? How genuine are online casino free spins offers? Examples of free spins online casinos and bonuses.

How to Get the Most Benefits

Casinos that offer “free spins”, do so as a marketing exercise to encourage new members to join the site, at no risk to them. Gambling is a risky business and it is this risk-taking with the potential to win huge prizes which draws millions of players to this form of online entertainment

The free spins casino may offer a limited amount of free spins or a specific amount of time in which to play during which time the games may or may not be limited to specific games. Obviously, free spins are fantastic for slot players and while no purchase is necessary to receive these, it is necessary to register at the site. Some casinos offer free spins as part of the first deposit bonus in which case, the player would have to first make a deposit to claim these. Check out Casino Bonus to see what free spins casinos we recommend.

Examples of Free Spins Casino Sites

Make sure before you agree to sign up at any site, that any winnings from free spins will be transferred to your real play account. This is important; if you have made a deposit and you receive free spins as part of your bonus. If the winnings from free spins are not real or at least bonus money, then what is the reason for making the effort to join?

Now let’s take a look at how some of these sites handle the free spins they dish out. For example, Ruby Fortune offers new members £ $ € 750 worth of free spins and an hour in which to take advantage of the bonus. Play the games and if you win and end up with a balance of more than £ $ € 750, the difference between this amount and whatever loot you have won will be transferred to your live account. I think this is fair enough, don’t you? A similar method of dealing with free spins is used by many casinos, but not all!

The Gaming Club offers 30 free spins in conjunction with your first deposit bonus of 100% and you get to keep what you win. 30 free spins is not a lot, but it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick and you never know, you could win big they say you get to keep winnings, so this is another way of dealing with it.

Some sites allow free spins which can be converted to free blackjack hands, roulette games, video poker, craps and other games. Some allow the spins to be taken on as many games as the player want, while others restrict them to one game only. Some casinos use free spins as rewards for loyal members who have spent a certain amount of money or participated in a promotion at a site. Just as free money, bonus chips, loyalty points and other gifts are offered to members for loyalty, so too are free spins. If you look at it logically these are all types of currency in one form or another.

How Genuine Are Free Spins Offers?

Although it may seem to be too good to be true, if a casino says they will give you free spins in exchange for your loyalty, payment, or interest in membership, they actually have to provide them. Backing down on a deal will soon get them in hot water and news travels fast in the online casino world if a player feels cheated or disgruntled.

Customer service is just as important to online players, if not more so, than to land-based casino players, and they won’t hesitate to splash bad reviews of sites all over the net. It is for this reason that online casino portals are so useful because they sort the wheat from the chaff on behalf of the player; recommending only the sites which they personally know to be tried, tested and trusted!

The concept of free spins casinos is actually very simple to understand, it is just another way of looking at bonus money. Initial requirements are that the member has to register with the site, but not in all cases do they have to become a depositing player. Remember to check this first, to avoid disappointment.

Try to understand that free spins where you are able to win, are different from playing in fun mode although a few casinos will give you free spins while in a fun mode and allow you to notch up points for a small prize. Fun mode is generally reserved for players who just want to play the games or try them out first to see if they like them. Free spins generally have to offer some kind of advantage to the player, such as winnings which may be made use of at some future time when the player becomes a real money member.