Keratin treatment is gaining wide popularity nowadays. It is the best and safest form of hair treatment. Keratin occurs in our hair, skin and nails naturally. This protein is helpful in solving many hair problems such as eliminating frizz and protecting from heat damage and hair breakage. But with age and improper diet, the protein level gets decreased. Thus keratin treatment provides proper nutrients and proteins to our hair making them silky, smooth and shiner. If you are tired of your frizzy and heat-damaged hair our hair professionals will guide you with their expert opinions. This treatment will straighten your hair semi-permanently and will add shine to your hair.

For which hair type keratin treatment is suitable?

Everyone has different hair color and texture but there is no way to worry for. It is a safe method for any hair type and any hair color. If you have blonde hair then you should talk to our stylist about which method you should go for.

  • Procedure: The total time taken in doing keratin treatment depends on which method is being used by your stylist and your hair texture and how much voluminous hair you have. All these factors will determine the time and length of the procedure and what kind of keratin hair treatment you need. Firstly the hair is washed and then a solution containing formaldehyde is applied to the wet hair that is helpful in breaking the present hair bonds. That is the only reason that hair gets straightened. The solution is left for about half an hour. Then blow drying is done and finally flat iron is used to straighten your hair.
  • Benefits of keratin treatment: Provide essential nourishment: It will provide your hair with the essential proteins that are required for hair growth and frizz and damaged-free hair. High porosity is reduced and hair becomes healthy.
  • Eliminate curls: It will straighten your hair and will save you time by eliminating the stress of regular flat ironing your hair. You will get natural straight hair.
  • Solution for many hair problems: It will reduce hair split ends. Proper treatment of frizzy and heat-damaged hair.
  • Add shine to hair: After this treatment, you will have smooth silk and shining hair.
  • Various hairstyling choices: After the treatment you can try any hairstyle you want.
  • Improve hair texture and structure: Hair texture also gets improved and thereby adding more elasticity to the hair. Since old hair bonds are broken and new bonds are made thereby hair strength increases to a great extent.