Online Travel Guide To Grand Cayman

For those seeking the more fast-paced spots in the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman offers plenty of activities, crowds, and nightlife, interspersed with quieter beaches and small towns. The largest of the Cayman Islands at 76 square miles, choosing this quintessential tropical destination for your next vacation brings a perfect balance of sought-after relaxation, romance, beauty, and adventure.

Begin your Grand Cayman exploration from the capital city of George Town, located close to the Owen Roberts International Airport. George Town, because of its proximity to both the airport and the cruise ship dock, bustles with the movement of locals and tourists alike. Shop at duty-free prices and come away with island treasures, including beautiful coral jewelry, luxury items, and unique island souvenirs!

The city contains enough activities to easily fill a day enjoying water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving right near the waterfront, and indulge in lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants, ranging in cuisines from local to exotic. Also, an international financial district, Grand Cayman houses several banks for those interested in such things. In fact, the Cayman Islands banking system makes Grand Cayman one of the world’s top financial centers. The Cayman Islands National Museum celebrates the island’s cultural history through interesting artifacts and exhibits, and visitors definitely find this educational experience worth their while.

The possible downfall of George Town, depending on the type of stay you want, rests in its large tourist crowds, who often make their way by bus or taxi to 7 Mile Beach for some surf and sun. 7 Mile Beach resembles an exotic paradise, with idyllic white sand beaches and crystal-clear water, and many travelers need to look no further for the perfect relaxation spot. Just north of George Town reside the majority of the island’s large hotels, many featuring restaurants and open to the public.

Local nightlife and entertainment centers on this stretch with nightclubs, bars, and shows. Grab a bite or drink and enjoy the party, one of the largest in the Cayman Islands! If searching for quieter areas, head to the northern or eastern areas of Grand Cayman. Here, more laidback towns such as the original capital city, Bodden Town, offer a peaceful alternative for accommodations other than the more popular George Town.

To the east, Rum Point juts into the Caribbean Sea and frequently attracts fewer crowds than 7 Mile Island. Still, get there early during the height of tourist season for a good spot near the shallow water, particularly wonderful for families with children. Snorkel the clear waters and look for colorful coral and fish, or grab a cold drink, bathe and the sun, and let the day slip away without worries or cares in your own corner of heaven.

Should you grow tired of the water, try exploring the beautiful scenery of a different kind at the Mastic Reserve, featuring the 2-mile Mastic Trail. Take a leisurely walk through a protected forest and enjoy the diverse, unspoiled animal and plant life. The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park offers another alternative for observing the bountiful plant life, alongside a lake, animal habitats, and beautifully landscaped gardens. If kitschy, touristy sites and souvenirs enhance your vacation experience, never fear. Hell isn’t too far away, so named for its black, jagged limestone formations that rise from the ground behind this little town.

When searching for your next vacation spot, keep Grand Cayman in mind for the ideal combination of excitement and relaxation, tourism and quiet beauty. Whatever type of vacation you desire, this beautiful location offers something different and special for every type of traveler!