Patio Furniture Cushion

Patio Furniture Cushion

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Patio furniture cushions are sometimes an overlooked outdoor furniture accessory but are a very necessary element to the enjoyment and comfort of your patio furniture set. It is not hard to find the right patio cushion as long as you know a few things before you start. The main thing to look for in a durable and long-lasting patio furniture cushion is to know the foam quality and density and to find a woven acrylic blend with an open cell structure. This will allow the patio cushion to let water flow through the fabric and not trap the moisture inside which will reduce the life of your outdoor cushions. If you’re not using your patio furniture cover every time you’re outside and don’t want to have to keep looking for replacement patio cushions, then you want to make sure that your cushions are protected from the inside no matter what.

Patio furniture comfort and protection

The best outdoor cushions for durability and quality are usually made of good-quality fabrics for outdoor use. The patio cushions are designed with comfort in mind by making them with a plush cotton feeling. By choosing a solution dyed acrylic your outdoor patio cushion will last you a long time. The patio furniture manufacturer applies a Teflon coating on all the exposed fabrics to keep the colors looking vibrant even though they’re in the sun a lot of the time. Several layers of polyester filling will also allow the cushion to breathe properly. By spending a little more for a high-quality patio furniture set with quality patio furniture cushions you will have outdoor furniture that will give you years of outdoor enjoyment.

Patio furniture covers protection for your outdoor furniture

Even if you choose and purchase a more expensive and higher quality outdoor furniture set you still need to protect it from the snow, rain, and too much sunlight. Patio furniture covers are available for patio chairs, grills, lounges, and patio heaters, and don’t forget about our patio umbrella. By using outdoor patio covers on a regular basis you will be able to keep the patio furniture in the best possible condition. Protective patio covers are a heavy-weight material which could be rhino weave fabric, vinyl, rain tight polyester. A good quality patio furniture cover will last a long time through all the weather conditions.

Moisture underneath

Make sure the furniture cover is breathable and water resistant so your outdoor furniture will be protected against rain damage and any moisture underneath will be allowed to evaporate properly. Velcro, elastic bands, ties, or even zippers are just some of the ways that you can attach the patio covers to the furniture. For more protection pick ones that attach directly to the patio furniture. By choosing a light color fabric you will reflect more of the sun’s rays and heat so that the outdoor furniture won’t be as hot. Always check that the patio furniture cover is UV ray treated so it can stand up to the scorching sun’s rays.

Patio furniture cushion ideas

If you want patio cushions with a custom look that matches your outdoor furniture you can have a seamstress (if you don’t want to sew them up) make some cushions from the fabric, ideas, color, and style that you choose. Woven acrylic blend is a great custom fabric for patio furniture. If you want to give some protection to a cushion fabric, consider getting a laminate application. This will ensure that your patio furniture cushions will last you longer from spills and the weather.

Patio furniture resources

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