Why Are Singaporean Escorts Favored Over Foreign Ones In SG?

Here are some of the reasons why clients always turn to local Singaporean escort girls from Singaporean escort girl agencies such as https://www.sgvipescorts.com.

Even though foreign escorts work in Singapore, local SG girls are still the very hot favourite among clients.

Singaporean escort girls are classy

While some other foreign girls can potentially be great, they can also be quite trashy when it comes to the way they behave. However, there is just an air of classiness when it comes to true Singaporean girls.

SG girls are educated

Since most clients of social escorts are usually highly educated, successful and intelligent, they definitely want someone who can be more than just a pretty face.

When it comes to local girls, they are mostly educated up till at least Diploma or are even university undergraduates or graduates! This is in fact the norm in Singapore.

As a result of this, highly successful clients need not feel worried at all if they engage a local SG escort girl in Singapore.

Fluent in English

One of the main concerns by Western clients when they want to engage an escort is potential language barriers.

However, since every body and hence every girl in Singapore is educated in English, it is easy for Western foreigners to find an escort girl in Singapore. Communication will be a breeze.

It is safe for clients

There are places in the world where engaging a girl can be dangerous, because some of these freelance girls are known to take drugs and whatnot. However, thanks to Singapore’s strict laws on drugs, such issues would not happen in Singapore, and definitely not with local girls.

How Can You Get More Clients As An Escort In Singapore?

How can you make more money as a social escort?

If you are working as a social escort in Singapore, you probably want a faster way out than working $7 per hour part time jobs in Singapore.

However, sometimes, it can be difficult knowing how to truly make money as a social escort. You have probably realized that escorts can make a huge difference in their personal earnings too. Some make a lot of money, buying luxury items every month. On the other hand, some barely see any clients. Why is that the case and how do you improve your odds of becoming a successful social escort in Singapore?

Here are some tips for you.

First of all, you want to take better photos!

Men are visual creatures. This is particular true in a superficial service such as social escorts.

It is so important that you invest in a good set of photos if you want to get any clients. This is the case whether you are working as an independent freelance girl or working at a local escort agency.

Photos are absolutely crucial and will make or break everything.

Most established and reputable social escort agencies will be able to advise you rather accurately on the type of images that will work well. Listen to them.

Join an established and registered social escort agency in Singapore and work a job there

Here is a quick way to make more money as a social escort in Singapore. Get a female escort job at a local escort agency.

The reason for this is because most established escort agencies in Singapore will already have an existing customer base. This means that by you successfully joining them, you will be able to instantly tap into their customer base and milk the money from them immediately!

This happens on day 1, instead of day 100.

Have higher availability!

It is so important that you need to sacrifice some personal and social time to work as a social escort.

You can read from various online media interview of people such as Courtesan Cara or in particular, Risqué Rebecca. She has stated that she has had to give up a big part of her social life to succeed. However, with that, she has gained lots of monetary benefits.

Success, has its price. However, I think the allure of financial independence, freedom and success definitely sounds way better than being poor and sociable!

Be able to respond to last minute requests

Unfortunately, you may have realized that most clients are very urgent in the nature of their requests. If you are like a Michelin starred restaurant which requires months ahead advance bookings, you will also have an empty bank account.

It does not work that way. Most clients demand to meet within HOURS or less within the same day. This is the norm, try being an escort in Singapore. You probably already know what I am talking about if you have prior experience.

Stop being picky!

If you pick customers, then chances are, you will make far less money than an escort who does not. This is the same case in any industry.

As long as the customer is willing to pay, be willing to accept. If you have such a mindset, then you will be successful.

Should You Look For An Escort Or A Sugar Baby In Singapore?

Should you date an escort or a sugar baby if you are looking for a no strings attached relationship in Singapore?

About social escorts

Social escorts exist in Singapore since a long time ago. However, they still remain a very viable option for men looking to date in Singapore with no strings attached. They are basically pretty girlfriends on demand. So without further ado, let us check out some of the advantages and disadvantages if you were to go date social escorts in Singapore.


No commitments

If you want something which is truly no commitment, then social escorts are definitely your best choice. Even no strings attached relationships can get messy over time if one person catches full on feelings for the other but not the other way around. However, when it comes to social escorts, both you and the escort do not have any intention to be with each other for the long term, and not even for longer than the engaged period of time.

Pay per meet

While escorts may sound expensive to some, social escorts are actually relatively cheaper than sugar babies in the long term. This is because social escorts are pay per meet, and therefore, much easier for you to control your budget on them versus sugar babies. Sugar dating usually require fixed monthly financial commitments. Therefore, when you look over the long term, you save far more with dating escorts than sugar babies.

Ready selection of girls

When it comes to social escorts, you get a ready selection of girls. All you need to do is to simply contact a trusted social escort agency. If you want more tips on this, then read my other post on the complete guide to meeting social escorts in Singapore.

On demand

If you want girls on demand, then social escorts are the way to go. While you may need to settle for a girl who is not necessarily your first choice, getting a really hot and beautiful girl at most hours or days in Singapore is definitely possible with a large social escort agency. Unfortunately, this may not be the case with sugar babies, as you will need to message them on sugar dating platforms and hope they see your message on the day itself too… which rarely happens.


However, with those said, social escorts are not perfect, just like dating sugar babies.

Usually, full face is never revealed and girls with full face revealed is 99.999% fake photos

The issue with social escorts is that some of them are models or have wide online social circles. This combined with Singapore’s relatively small population means that they can be easily recognizable sometimes. Therefore, full face is never revealed most of the time. Now, don’t get too excited even if there are websites revealing face pictures, because 99.999% of them are simply fake and easily stolen Googled images or images ripped of foreign Facebook accounts. If you have any friends who have engaged an escort in Singapore after seeing a face photo, only to realize that the escort used fake photos, you will know that it is usually those who send face photos who are using fake images.

Independents tend to use fake photos

When it comes to social escorts, independents working in Singapore are well known to use fake images. However, as long as you avoid independents, you should do fine. However, do note what I wrote about the above point about full face photos as well.

About sugar babies

Sugar babies usually have more commitments and thus strings attached than a true no strings attached social escort relationship. However, there are still some minor good points about sugar babies that will definitely be suitable for some of you!


Here are some of the advantages that you can get when you go for a sugar baby in Singapore.

For people who are less urgent

If you have lots of time, then sugar babies can potentially be a suitable option for you. This is because you can slowly take your time and talk to the various profiles listed on sugar dating websites online in Singapore. However, the main caveat is that this method can be relatively inefficient.

Can be suitable for potential long term relationship

The good news about sugar babies is that some of them may be looking for long term relationships as well. If you are looking potentially for a long term relationship, then sugar dating is the way to go, as social escorts never want to date a client after their work.


However, here are two hefty cons that may outweigh some of the benefits that sugar babies bring you.

Can be a financial commitment monthly

If you are not keen in a monthly payment to a sugar baby, it can be a problem, as most top tier sugar babies only want financial commitment monthly. Perhaps you do not want to spend that kind of money every single month when you are only in Singapore at infrequent intervals. It will be a waste of your time for the months you are not in Singapore!

Or perhaps you are in another relationship and do not want to get found out about your ‘unknown’ monthly expenses to your sugar babies. All these are reasons which can make sugar dating unappealing to some.

No quality controls by an intermediary

When it comes to sugar babies, there is no quality control. This is similar to that of independent escorts or unethical escort agencies using fake photos.

When it comes to sugar babies, they can just sign up on a dating platform and list their profiles. You will then need to sieve through inactive accounts, and talk to the active ones. Among the active ones, because there is no intermediary ensuring that these girls are pretty or of a certain quality standard, it can be truly hit or miss.


At the end of the day, it depends on what criteria is more important to you in a no strings attached relationship. My choice? Social escorts all day!

Dating In Singapore With No Strings Attached – Your Best Options

With more men in Singapore being more career focused, marrying later, and being busier generally, the demand for no strings attached type of relationships has increased in Singapore. If you find yourself being one of these men, there are some options for you!


An age old solution for wealthy men looking for a no strings attached relationship, true escorts in Singapore are for those with deep pockets. As a result, you are also most likely going to get the most beautiful girls in Singapore with this option.

There are cheaper escorts, but they are usually for those odd job labourers.

Advantages of finding a social escort

  • They say men are superficial. Looks wise, premium social escorts usually look the best when it comes to appearances. If you are particular about looks, social escorts in Singapore are your best choice compared to the other options listed below. Here are some tips to help you find the best social escort in Singapore.
  • Among the various listed options in this article, social escorts in Singapore are the least frills one. There is no need for long chatting periods chatting up girls online – whose accounts you are not even sure if are still active. You simply contact a great social escort agency and then meet the SG girl. It is really that simple.
  • It is truly no strings attached. No girls work as a social escort hoping to marry the client. In fact, they do not even wish to keep in contact after the date. It is truly no strings attached.

Disadvantages of finding a social escort

  • If you desire something longer term, then social escorts are perhaps not your best choice. These girls work as escorts because they do not want strings attached. Not even a monthly commitment. However, if you are polite, nice and truly generous, you can rest assured that the girl will be willing to meet you more than once.
  • You may not be able to text the girl. For those who love chatting online or over the phone, even for independents, they have no interest in texting you whatsoever. They are companionship service providers, and once the time is up, the time is up.

Sugar baby and sugar daddy websites

One of the most popular sites of its kind in Singapore, Seeking Arrangement, allows rich men to meet beautiful women. It is founded on the premise of brokering relationships which are financial in nature. While it is not necessarily no strings attached, many are.

Pros of sugar babies

  • While there are some girls on such websites who are looking for a long term romantic relationship, most sugar babies also have the intention of only entering no strings attached relationships. This means that your goals are pretty much in line.
  • You dictate the terms of the relationship up front. Therefore, it is very easy to make it a no strings attached relationship right from the start. There will not be any kind of confusion for both parties.
  • Like social escorts, some Singaporean sugar babies are really beautiful!

Cons of sugar babies

  • At the end of the day, such sugar dating websites are not like an escort agency. This means that the quality of the girls you find on it are still to be largely qualified by you. While it attempts to attract only beautiful women, there is bound to be some less than beautiful women on it.
  • It can cost you a lot of money – depending on the individual girls.
  • It can be potentially a monthly financial commitment for you. Since most sugar babies only want monthly allowances, chances of you escaping a fixed monthly financial commitment are low if you want the high quality sugar babies of Singapore.

Dating websites but with ‘no strings attached’ indicated

Not every dating website has an option for you to pick what you are looking for. In fact, almost all mobile based dating applications in Singapore such as Paktor, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Happn all do not have such an option. Only websites such as OkCupid allow you to pick the type of relationship you are looking for.

Pros of using a dating website

  • It is usually far cheaper than that of escort services or sugar babies.
  • It has less of a social stigma in Singapore.

Cons of using a dating website

  • It can be way less efficient, because those are not what regular dating websites are designed for. Most women in Singapore go on websites such as OkCupid to look for a husband, not just a boyfriend. Therefore, the girls you are targeting on those websites are probably mostly the wrong target.
  • It will take way longer – if it ever works. The reason for this is because when it comes to power skew, you have the most advantage when it comes to booking social escorts. This is followed by sugar dating websites where there are way more women than men. However, women are usually the ones who have the control on ‘normal’ dating websites. You have to swipe right to nearly everyone, and hope at least 1 girl even replies you. After that, you have to convince the girl to actually meet you – tougher done than said!
  • Compared to the quality of appearance and looks of sugar babies and social escorts, the girls on such websites usually have less than ideal appearances.

Dating Social Escorts In Singapore – Your Complete Guide

If you are wanting to meet social escorts for the first time in Singapore, or are simply wondering how to go about doing it, then you are at the right place!

With this post, you will never need to refer anywhere else again to know how to meet a social escort.

The complete guide to dating a social escort in Singapore.

We are assuming that you have the following wishes and criteria as well for your social escort:

  • The escort you meet must look like her photographs.
  • Your communications to the Singapore escort agency must be kept private and discreet.

With that said, let us move onto the steps that you should take to booking a female escort in SG.

Step 1: Think about the type of social escort (looks wise) you want!

Most people go out and look at the marketplace first. Wrong! When it comes to social escorts, it is something that is very subjective. What is attractive to another person may not be the slightest bit attractive to you and vice versa. There are clients who prefer thicker girls, while many clients prefer slimmer escorts.

Think about what you want first. This is not a project, so you obviously do not need to write down your preferences, but just keep your thoughts clear. Most people already know the type of girls that they like. You just need to keep that clear in your mind while you look for a social escort in Singapore.

Step 2: Search online for escorts!

Singapore’s escort agencies, websites, directories and independent escorts are all found online. There are virtually no locations where you can walk into and find your selection of social escort available. There is no such thing in Singapore due to the inefficiency and the loss of your privacy when you walk in and potentially bump into other people you may know.

Simply Googling for something like ‘Singapore escort‘ or ‘Singapore social escort‘ should be able to yield you quite a number of results.

Shortlist a number of Singapore social escort agencies which has girls you like.

Step 3: Not every escort agency is still operational, check if they are live first.

Now, this is a very simple step, all you do is to simply WhatsApp them a ‘hi’, and see if they respond back. If they do, move on to step 4. If not, scrap their number.

Step 4: Provide them with your details first.

Escort agencies in Singapore and otherwise are notorious for rejecting or blocking time wasters due to the large amount of time wasters and pranksters in the industry.

If you want to set yourself apart as a genuine client and be provided good service, provide them with your details without them asking for it.

Usually, details will require:

  • Your last name.
  • Race or ethnicity.
  • Nationality.
  • Age.
  • Meeting location.
  • Date and time.

Sometimes, further details may be required:

  • Your preferred escort girls.
  • Your work reference.
  • Your room number if meeting in a hotel / if you are a foreigner.
  • Your unit number if your home.
  • Some kind of deposit / pre-payment if they are unable to verify any of your details.

Most escort agencies also frown on withheld/private numbers, so just use your mobile number. There should not be any issues in Singapore.

Do note escort agencies in Singapore do verify your details, so be upfront if you want good and fast service to meet your girl quickly.

Some Singapore escort agencies prefer calls while others prefer WhatsApp/messaging. It is usually safer to message first, and only call if they do not respond.

Also, advance bookings or first time clients are usually required to place a prior deposit or a pre-payment of sorts to prevent time wasters.

Step 5: Get advised on which social escort is available

If you followed step 4, most agencies or websites will advise you on the availability of their best girls. Unless you are dealing with independents or an agency has bad reviews, you should be able to trust their recommendations as long as you do a simple Google search for the agency reviews beforehand. This is because agencies have absolutely no incentive to recommend you a bad reviewed girl if they got lots of other girls to send to you.

Step 6: Pick one of the escorts available

This is one of the easiest step. You just pick one of them!

Here are some random tips you may find helpful when looking for a Singapore social escort:

  • While prostitution is legal in Singapore, do not try to solicit prostitution from an escort – and especially not in public!

    Public includes the Internet… and yes, messaging, SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp included. This is illegal in Singapore! Do not attempt to do it! If you want sexual services, there may be legal brothels in certain red light districts of Singapore.

  • Singapore’s legal age for dating agency or app services is 18.

    All escorts are legally required to be aged 18 and above. Likewise, you must be aged 18 and above to meet a Singaporean escort.

  • Avoid foreigner escorts.

    Most foreign escorts are working in Singapore illegally on tourist or a completely different work pass. If you engage them and they get busted by the police, you can rest assured that the police may dig through their phone communications and bust you as well if you have been found to engage in illegal activities!

  • Engaging an escort agency which is not registered with the local government is often a crime in Singapore.

    This is because a non-registered escort agency is a non-legal entity, and is often also evading taxes which is illegal. Unfortunately for you as a client, if you engage them, you will potentially get into criminal problems as well as the agency’s communications will be looked through in-depth. Avoid all these problems by only engaging social escort agencies which are legal and registered in Singapore. Go to www.bizfile.gov.sg and in the ‘search for business entity (enter UEN or entity name)’ search bar segment, type in the company registration number of brand name. Most legal companies will definitely list their registration publicly on their very own website. Make sure that there is a record in the government website before proceeding to contact the agency.

Why Guys Are Dating Social Escorts Over Girlfriends In Singapore

If you noticed in recent years, many guys in Singapore, both locals and expats are staying single longer, and going for escorts or sugar babies. Instead of dating ‘normally’, they prefer more ephemeral types of  dating such as social escorts. Only when they want to start a family, then more guys will date ‘seriously’.

Perhaps this is all due to the on-demand economy. When you do not really need one yet, you simply ‘rent’ one. That is why more young men in Singapore are renting houses, more men are using Grab and Gojek instead of buying a car, and it is the same when it comes to a girlfriend too. They simply rent one – getting a social escort.

Reasons why men are going for social escorts in Singapore:

More men are getting married later and later.

This could be due to personal choices or financial reasons. As a result of this, in the intermediate stage, men are also getting more responsible and not wanting to randomly date girls to string them along, never to potentially marry them.

Traditional matchmaker and dating agencies for marriage like https://www.fabriquelove.com/ or https://truematchmaking.com/ are also only receiving applications from older and more mature men. This is because Singaporean men are getting married later.

They are less of a hassle for the busy career men.

Many rich men in Singapore are career-focused (hence rich), however, this means that their personal and social life takes a beating. They are minimal, or in many instances, non-existent the more successful a man is. Since they do not have the time to turn to social events to meet people, and many of them are their own boss, they rarely meet girls in a social setting. Therefore, they turn to online alternatives and dating applications.

However, the issue with trying to get a date on Tinder for these men prove to be an issue, as you will need to get matched up with a girl, and chat with her and bring her out. Most girls whom you get matched with are either no longer active on the app or simply want to use the app for ego validation only, and not wanting to date. Since time is already so precious for these men, dating online becomes a complete hassle, and dating offline is nearly impossible. So the best alternative? Escorts.

For even more problems that potentially happen on dating apps, watch the following video by ZULA.