Dance Your Night Away

Add that special touch to an already beautiful sight for your guests and your wedding video with dance lessons! When all eyes will be upon you as you dance your first dance together, it makes sense to invest the time in learning to dance beautifully for your wedding.

Wedding video

Many couples put off taking dance lessons until the last month, thinking they have plenty of time. However, time becomes very tight in the last months before the wedding. Beginning a program of dance lessons months before the wedding date makes a lot more sense than leaving it for the last few weeks.

Special song

Your dance teacher can do the best job possible to evaluate your skills as a couple and help you achieve a polished and graceful look. You’ll have time to work with your teacher to choreograph your special song, learn the ballroom standards so important to any social setting today, and even learn a few hot Latin dances for your reception and honeymoon. The most popular dances today in nightclubs and parties are the mambo, salsa, swing, hustle, and rumba. With enough time, you’ll be able to learn these steps too.

Romantic time

One element that often gets overlooked in planning a wedding is fun! The time you spend together whirling around on the studio’s dance floor is an oasis from day-to-day activities. It can be a very special, romantic time when you concentrate only on your steps and each other. Forget for a little while about seating charts and floral arrangements!

Important segment

To make that first dance extra special, bring a recording of your song to the first lesson. This will give your teacher information about what kind of dances and movements you need to focus on. Also, coordinate with your videographer and tell them about your plans for the first dance. As an important segment of your video, he or she should be sure to catch every dip and turn. The extra effort and time of dance lessons will show. Few scenes are as beautiful as a pair of newlyweds in a smooth and elegant whirl!