Best Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Is your bathroom facing a housing crisis? Do you’ve got shampoos, cleansers, and bath salts living rough on the rim of the bath, begging for a bit of storage space to call their own? If so, it’s time to sort out your storage.

Get Fitted

A single of the most inch-efficient ways of adding storage to the bathroom is with built-in units. These can be tailored for the available space, fitting neatly in nooks and crannies like under the sink or bathtub. They also have the added advantage of being a very good method to hide away any unsightly plumbing. Made-to-measure units might be costly though and you won’t be able to take them with you in case you move house.


Freestanding storage units can add style and interest to your bathroom whilst subtracting the clutter. From little cabinets and chests of drawers to large closets or maybe even a dressing table with a stool, the possibilities are limited only by your available room. Don’t be afraid to steal storage solutions from other rooms the proper wardrobe, plant stand, or even a tea trolley can function brilliantly to store towels, toiletries, robes, etc. But if you’re using wooden furniture do make sure the varnish or paint will seal it well enough to prevent moisture damage.


The placement of shelves is frequently overlooked in the planning stages. Only when people start to use their bathroom do they realize how annoying and possibly dangerous it is to have to stand up in the bath to reach for the shampoo, or stoop to pick up the soap from the bottom of the shower tray. So, do think about your shelving requirements early on.

A quick and simple approach to adding small shelves in areas where permanent fittings are tough to install, for instance, tiled walls, is with suction-mounted ones. Do go for quality although, or you might just regret it when you might have to continue to keep sticking the points back up!

Shelves can have more than just a functional role, filled with matching jars, baskets, well-displayed toiletries, or fluffy spare towels, they appear fab. When placing shelving in wet areas be aware that they’ll require to become either slightly angled or have drainage holes to avoid stagnant pools of water forming.

Hooks, Racks, and Rails

You can’t genuinely have too numerous of these in the bathroom. If you’re sick of the sight of discarded towels and crumpled piles of clothes around the floor, the addition of additional hanging places could be the end of your woes. Towel rails are indispensable for tidying, drying, and warming towels.

Unless you could have a heated towel rail, think about placing racks close to, preferably above, your radiator. In the event you already have a single wall-mounted towel rail, think about placing another above or below it. A two-tiered rack lets you hang double the amount of towels with no need for additional area.

Creative Solutions

Be creative and appear around for inventive ideas to add interest as well as a storage area to your bathroom. A wire kitchen vegetable rack can work brilliantly for storing toiletries along with other nick-nacks, or two or three-tiered wire hanging baskets retain items off the floor and out of reach of little hands.

For smaller items like your talc, hairbrush, or foot scrubber, how about hanging a shoe rack about the back in the door? These are cheap and easy to get hold of, and when you purchase a clear one you’ll be able to rapidly spot what you’re searching for without having to rummage. Stuffit is really a shower curtain with nifty mesh pockets to maintain bathing necessities close at hand.

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