Hair Ironing

For super sleek, shiny and straight hair flat irons can be used. We can get curls, waves or complete straight hair using flat iron. Our highly experienced hairstylists will guide you on how to get straight hair like a pro. Starting from the shower to the end finishing touches, they will provide the thumb rules and use the best possible way to straighten hair without causing unnecessary damage and harm.

Flat Irons

They are the plates that are made up of ceramic or titanium and they will cause very less damage to your hair during the process of straightening. The main advantage of using a professional flat iron is that the heat is uniformly distributed throughout your hair.

Selecting the Right Straightener

Choose the flat iron wisely in order to avoid overheating that can damage the hair and hair breaking. We have the best hair straighteners that won’t do overheating.

Procedure: Washing hair with shampoos and conditioners. There are shampoos and conditioners that are specially designed for straight hair. Wash the hair thoroughly. Dry your hair after washing them. Pat your hair gently by using a towel. Don’t apply much force to get your hair dry.

Use a thermal protection serum or heat treatment: Apply the serum, spray, or some other hair products on your hair without creating clumps when the hair is wet. After applying the serum comb your hair.

Blow-dry your hair: Dry your hair completely before straightening. This will help the flat iron to work better and hair will be protected from heat damage and breakage. The direction of the hair dryer should be downward while performing blow-drying. It will help your hair to dry straight thereby reducing the risk of frizz. The hair dryer should be set on the lowest heat. It will prevent the puffing up of the hair.

Split up your hair into various sections: The thickness of your hair will decide how many sections are needed. Each section should be either 1 or 2 inches thick so that proper straightening is ensured. Tie up the other sections that you are not using while straightening.

Do straightening of each section up to 2-3 times: According to hair thickness ironing will be done. If you have thick hair each section will require 2-3 times ironing. Keep sections as small as possible for perfect straightening. In order to avoid several times straightening set the temperature of flat iron to 270-300. Don’t get panic if steam is rising from the flat iron. This is due to the ceramics that have been applied to the hair.