Root Touch Up

Are you not happy after coloring your hair? Generally, people feel excited and happy after they undergo the hair transformation that they had been looking forward to for so long. But there occurs a problem with your hair color transformation and you had to rush back to the salon in just a week. The only solution to the problem is a hair root touch-up.

With time new hair will grow and they will have natural color. Since there is a huge difference between colored hair and natural hair. It can make you look strange. Since we can’t hide our newly grown natural hair, all we can do is the root touch-up of newly grown hair. Root touch-up is the process of coloring the roots, not the hair so that the hair color lasts for a long time.

There are several root touch up products that will help you conceal your newly grown hair. Every month hair grows about an inch. For a perfect looking hair color treatments are essential. Our hair expert will give their best advice to which extent touch up is required. Products that are required to be used depend on which type of root coverage is required. Maybe some people prefer those products that have a long-term effect that lasts up to a month.


Firstly hair tester is used to identify which color is needed for a touch up. Hair is washed thoroughly to ensure that there is no oil in the hair. Then hair partitions are done and products are applied section by section to ensure the perfect touch-up.

Methods that can be used for root touch-ups:

  • Markers: They are like liquid pens. For those whose new hair growth can’t be treated using light powder, the marker can be used. It will naturally look like colored hair. They release dye into the hair. Dye is left to dry and then brushing can be done in hair. Can be applied on fine, thick and normal hair.
  • Spray: if there is very less hair growth and the temporary color is needed spray is a good option. Large areas can be covered easily. Can be applied on thick and normal hair.
  • Powder: If you want to cover the small areas with precision, the powder can be used. There is no stickiness. Can be used for fine hair.
  • Mascara: For serious root touch-ups mascara is a better option. Much easier to apply and cover every single portion. It can be applied to fine hair.