Health Conscious

Spontaneous healing and using the power of the mind to combat disease, have always fascinated me. I have a library full of books delving deeply into this phenomenon, and even though there is not one clear-cut solution to any healing path, there are myriad techniques to explore on the way. I was revisiting some of my favorite books on the weekend and flicked back through one called. She has some beautiful insights to share about her own experience of healing.

Brandon’s story is a very interesting one she was a very health-conscious lady, very big in personal growth and the new age type movement and very healthy by anybody’s standards. So when she started getting a little bit of a potty belly, she thought, maybe I’m not exercising hard enough, or eating quite well enough.

Let me step up my health regime which she did, but to no avail, her belly kept getting bigger and bigger. So Brandon just kept wearing bigger and bigger shirts and ignored what was happening and went into denial about what may be wrong.

After several months of ignoring the signs, she actually started hemorrhaging. She took herself off to the Dr and the Dr. said Brandon, you have a basketball-sized tumor in your uterus, if we don’t do an emergency hysterectomy, you are going to bleed to death. You are insane, you are bleeding to death, We need to do this operation immediately.

She begged for the time to see if she could stop the bleeding herself. The Dr thought she was crazy, but Brandon went away and she stopped the bleeding by using homeopathic, meditation, and NLP techniques. After stopping the bleeding she went on what she calls her Journey of self-healing.

What she did was, of course, work on the physical body. She used different massage techniques, herbs, juice fasting, raw diets, etc. But alongside all of that physical work, she also accessed the suppressed feelings around a trauma earlier in her life and the truth that was hidden within her body. When she finally released those feelings, she allowed the healing to take place. This allowed those physical actions she was taking, to have an even more profound healing effect.

After six weeks on this journey, Brandon had no tumor left. Her body had actually broken it down and dissolved it, and she didn’t have to have an operation it had resolved itself. She had healed. Her story is a fascinating one on many levels, not just because it shows how there can be deeply held emotions or feelings within the body that we may not have ever wanted to look at, but how quickly the body can heal once the right pieces to the puzzle have been found.