How to Do a Root Touch Up

Root Touch-Up mainly depends on your hair growth. If your hair grows fast then you have to dye your hair according to your requirement i.e. once or twice a month. Usually, people prefer a color that matches their natural hair color. It is important to keep the color of your hair fresh by hiding the fact that your hair color is not really what people think.

A disadvantage of dyeing your hair is that you will surely develop unsightly roots that do not match the rest of your strands. If the hair growth is around an inch then root touch-up is required. If hair growth is more than an inch then it is hectic to dye them properly. If the hair growth is long then uneven coloring may occur since the scalp heat process faster if hair growth is an inch.

If you want the roots to be dark then firstly you have to lighten them up and then go for the procedure that is suitable for your hair. Nowadays there are very good quality products that you need not to go to the salon frequently.

Here is the procedure you need to follow for hair dyeing:

  1. Choose the suitable hair dye: Choose a dye color that matches your natural hair color. For more precision choose a cream or gel method.
  2. Hair wash: Dirt and oil in the hair will not allow the color to settle down on the roots. Also if your hair is too clean, it may be prone to some sort of damage. So, wash your hair 12-20 hours before hair dyeing.
  3. Hair cream: Apply some jelly or cream under the hairline i.e. around the forehead, neck and ears and divide your hair into four partitions and make use of clips to hold those sections.
  4. Apply dye: Take one by one all sections and apply the dye. Make use of the brush to dye them properly. Never apply dye over the hair that is already colored since it may lead to the dark color of that hair and uneven coloring make occur. For proper and precise coloring make use of the comb tail to pick out thinner sections.
  5. Wash your hair after 10 minutes: After the application of dye leave your hair for some time. After that rinse out the dye from your hair by washing your hair with warm water to remove excess dye from the hair. After hair washing apply conditioner on your hair leave it for 5-7 min. Wash out the conditioner with cold water. Dry your hair after applying heat-resistant products.