Make Hands Soft Tips

Want beautiful hands? Every woman loves beautiful and soft hands, delicate and perfect nails. By making small changes in our daily regime and adding small ways to take care of our hands, we can have smooth and supple hands! Hands are often neglected.

We love our faces and hair and go to lengths to take care of them. But it is our hands that give out the signs of age first! Invest in a rich hand cream day and night to keep your hands looking young and tender. Here are 5 more tips for beautiful and smooth hands:

Protection from the Sun: In summer, apply a layer of sunscreen to your hands. Use a cream with a high SPF to protect your hands from all the harsh rays of the sun. Excessive sun exposure causes wrinkles, premature aging and dryness all the things we don’t want on our hands! So say hi to your new best friend sunscreen!

Olive Oil Scrub: Mix a little rock salt and olive oil let it sit for 2min and then gently rub these over your hands. Be careful to not exert too much pressure. This removes the dead skin and leaves the hands soft. Rinse off and moisturize with warm olive oil.

Warm Water Treatment: Soak your hands in warm water with rock salt. Dip your hands for about 5-6 min. Rinse off and seal the softness with a good moisturizer. These will instantly soften the hands!

Keep Cream Handy!: This is a tip that all the top fashion and beauty gurus follow. Keep your hand cream handy near washbasins. So as soon as you wash your hands and dry them apply a little hand cream. This ensures that your hands are always smooth and supple.

Yogurt Bliss: Yogurt is a very good treatment for both hands and nails. Take plain yogurt and massage it over your hands and nails in a circular motion for about 5 min. Leave it to dry for about 15min. Rinse with warm water. Do this every day before you go to bed. This gives amazing results with regular use.