Are you fit for golf & life?

Golf is a game of very dynamic movements. In order to consistently perform these movements your body has to function as efficiently as possible through each part of your golf swing. Playing more golf and living as long as you can is based on maintaining a healthy level of fitness to allow you to do both.

We take a two-sided approach to building the best golfer and client possible. The first phase begins with our Titleist Performance Institute 12 test screen which is a precise evaluation of your body’s performance level and health for the sport of golf. The findings from this screening allow us to develop a corrective action plan tailored to fit your exact flexibility and coordination needs.

The next step is a transition into our general fitness program. Here we will either build a solid client from the ground up or simply supplement any past training with our innovative training techniques to guarantee that a foundation of core strength and overall fitness is developed. The benefits of our two-pronged approach are:

  • Increasing your flexibility overall and specifically for your golf swing.
  • Hit the ball further.
  • Decrease your nagging, life-related injuries.
  • Increase your endurance in golf and beyond.
  • Improve your golf scores & lower your handicap!


Personal Training: Struggling to reach your fitness goals? We can help! Browse our wide range of training programs.

Group Personal Training: Check out our exciting group training programs, including Foundations and our new Afterburn Circuit Training program.

Online Personal Training: Train anywhere with our Online Training program. It’s the next best thing to actually train in person at North Point Personal Training.

Nutrition: Our nutrition counseling and education services feature a personalized approach that offers a variety of ways to improve your health and eating habits.

Massage Therapy: Relieve stress, aid healing, and improve flexibility with our massage therapy programs.

Golf Fitness: Let Dynamic Golf Fitness help you become a better golfer! We offer screenings and coaching to improve your skills on the green.

Physical Therapy: Recover faster and feel better with a program designed just for you! Our physician can help you heal from an injury or surgery.