My Favorite Podcasts Fitness

There are thousands and thousands of podcasts out there for nearly any subject you want to know about. Interested in gardening? Podcast. World War 2? Podcast. Fitness? Well yeah, there are a ton of good ones for that as well. Today I wanted to share with you a few of my personal favorites.

The Starting Strength Podcast

I posted a video from Mark Rippetoe at Starting Strength yesterday because Mark is essentially the godfather of modern strength training. His books and programs have been a major influence on me as a lifter, and his no-nonsense style of speaking and sense of humor are very endearing to me. Mark covers a variety of different topics on his show from injury prevention to being a whiskey connoisseur and has many great guest hosts.

Muscle for Life

Mike Matthews is the author of a few of the bestselling fitness books on the market. While I find his books to be a bit too thin on specific detail when it comes to weight training, his podcast is essential listening for me. Mike discusses everything from basic nutrition all the way up to bodybuilding contest preparation on his podcast and has a number of the top minds in the fitness industry on his show. Then I recommend subscribing on Itunes or Stitcher for an easier listening experience.

One of the original fitness podcasts on the internet. With 420 episodes as of this blog posting, you could spend the next year listening to this thing without running out of episodes. Host Kevin Larrabee has a huge variety of guests on his show discussing topics ranging from sports psychology to video games. There’s something for everyone. I will sporadically throw out some more podcasts to check out every few months, but hopefully, these will get you started if you don’t know where to look for this kind of content. Hope everyone has a good weekend!